Tuff Torq k90 vs k92

You may find yourself asking the question, “what is the difference between K90 and K92 transmissions,” if you own a K700 series John Deere lawn tractor that needs a transmission replacement. Or maybe you are just curious. Either way, I’ll try to answer that question. So how K90 is different from K92? The short answer … Read more

Husqvarna riding mower reverse problems

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Husqvarna Mower Foot (travel) Pedal problems

Your travel pedal has a double function as it is two pedals in one (reverse and forward) that sit on u shaped teetering brace which is then connected to the transmission travel leaver by the linkage system. When you press on the reverse plastic boot of the teetering pedal, it pulls the transmission lever towards … Read more

Tuff Torq k46 Common problems – Troubleshooting

Some telltale signs that your transmission has gone bad are: Whining and grinding noises while driving, if the transmission is running only in forward or reverse mode if it is leaking oil if it is working fine after a cold start and loses power as it warms up when problems accumulate gradually with time (a … Read more

John Deere lawn mower not getting fuel – Fixed

If you were troubleshooting the starting issue or extremely poor engine performance and came to the conclusion that your fuel system should be checked, this article is for you. Here, I’ll walk you through general troubleshooting of the whole fuel supply system as well as extensive troubleshooting of every component in it. Requirements Park your … Read more