Can you parallel Predator 3500 and 2000

Since you’re here, I’m guessing your needs are not being satisfied by a single generator, for example, in RVs equipped with multiple high-energy-demand appliances, such as dual air conditioning units and Microwave, the power draw can sometimes exceed what a single Predator 3500 generator can provide. To answer your question shortly and simply, yes it … Read more

How to Fix a Predator 3500 with No Spark

If your Inverter Generator isn’t producing a spark, it’s highly likely due to the Ignition Module (Almost 90% of the cases) or it might be due to the kill wire which might be grounding out on a piece of metal and therefore leaving you with no spark. If your Ignition Module is damaged, it won’t … Read more

How To Fix a Predator 3500 That Only Runs on Start Mode?

The bestseller Predator 3500 is immensely popular for powering up an RV, campsite, or even your house during electricity crises! However, even this powerhouse may sometimes face difficulties- such as being unable to run unless on ‘start’ mode, otherwise known as ‘choke’ mode, or sometimes they don’t start at all! In this post, we will … Read more

How To Fix My Predator 3500 Generator Display Screen That Isn’t Working?

The ‘predator 3500’ display screen is often given utmost importance because it shows technical information that cannot be manually measured with ease. Since the predator 3500 generator’s display screen often seems to malfunction, we have provided the necessary solutions. Here’s a quick summary – If your ‘Predator 3500’ warranty is still valid, you can take … Read more

Predator 3500 Generator Won’t Start (Solved)

Why won’t your ‘Predator 3500’ generator start? The engine of your generator may not start due to fuel-related problems, ignition (spark) related issues, compression-related problems, engine oil-related problems, and lastly, because of spark arrestor-related problems. These broad problems can be narrowed down to specific issues, and this blog post will help you identify the source … Read more