How to Fix a Predator 3500 with No Spark

If your Inverter Generator isn’t producing a spark, it’s highly likely due to the Ignition Module (Almost 90% of the cases) or it might be due to the kill wire which might be grounding out on a piece of metal and therefore leaving you with no spark.

If your Ignition Module is damaged, it won’t be able to fire up the ignition coil, which will result in no spark. You can find the ignition module on the opposite side of the Cylinder head in your Predator 3500, it is placed in the bottom right side.

Confirming the Ignition Module is at Fault

Before you proceed to replace your ignition module, it’s crucial to confirm if it is indeed the cause of the problem. An easy yet effective method to test the ignition module involves the following steps:

  1. Check for Spark: With your spark plug plugged in and grounded out on the side, pull the engine over. Ensure you have a working spark plug. If you observe no spark, proceed to the next step.
  2. Disconnect the Ignition Module: Every ignition module has a ground wire attached to it. Disconnect this wire from the module and tuck it aside. The only wire that should remain connected to the module is the spark plug lead.
  3. Recheck for Spark: With the ground wire disconnected, pull the engine over once again.

If there is still no spark at this point, and you’re certain you’re executing these steps correctly, it’s highly probable that your ignition module is faulty. This process eliminates all other potential causes like worn wires grounding out accidentally or any safety switches that might be interfering.

Note: Ignition Modules are expensive, you do not want to replace them to only then find out your current one is in working condition!

Replacing the Ignition Module

If you can confirm that the ignition module is the culprit, it’s time to replace it. This process involves purchasing a new ignition module and following these steps:

  1. Unclip the Existing Ignition Module: Locate the ignition module and remove any clips, wires, or zip ties that are securing it in place. It is crucial to be careful not to damage any adjacent parts during this process. Once unclipped, the ignition module should be easily removable.
  2. Install the New Ignition Module: Once the old ignition module is removed, replace it with the new one. Ensure that it’s positioned correctly and that all necessary wires and clips are connected. For the Predator 3500, the connection process is straightforward as the corresponding wire colors should match.
  3. Test the Generator: With the new ignition module installed, it’s time to test the generator. Even before reassembling the generator completely, you can conduct a quick test to verify if the problem is resolved. If the generator produces a spark and starts successfully, then you’ve likely solved the issue.

Ignition Module for Predator 3500

eBay or Amazon are good places to get your replacement for cheap ($20-30 should be enough). Here is the top pick for replacement –

  • Good Protection from weather
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Following the above process will likely solve your problem, but in case it doesn’t, check again if ‘no spark’ is really the issue, a lot of the time if the generator is not starting it is because of the clogged-up jets. Check our article detailing the troubleshooting process for the Predator 3500 that doesn’t start.

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