How to Fix a Honda GCV160 that won’t start

Starting your Honda GCV160 should be a routine affair, but every so often, things don’t go as planned. An engine that doesn’t respond can be a source of frustration, especially when you’re not sure what’s causing the hiccup. The no-start problem is especially common among the pressure washer that uses the GCV160, however, it doesn’t … Read more

Honda GCV160 Oil Type, Capacity & Changing Guide

Much like a heart, the engine beats life into every machine, and timely maintenance ensures that rhythm goes uninterrupted. When we think of engine maintenance, oil stands at the forefront. Oil is the elixir that nourishes the engine, ensuring optimal performance. Yet, over time, this life-giving substance starts deteriorating. As the engine’s oil ages, its … Read more

Honda GCV 160 Spark Plug Guide

Amongst the various vital elements that power the robust Honda GCV160 engine, the spark plug carries significant importance. This device is a critical component that ignites the fuel-air mixture within the combustion chamber, transforming it into mechanical energy with the help of the piston, rod, and crankshaft! Here’s a detailed examination of the appropriate spark … Read more

Honda GCV160 Surging Issue – Fixed

For many homeowners and professionals who rely on their trusty Honda GCV160 engine for tasks, experience surging issues when they take out their machines after 5-6 months! You start the engine and instead of the smooth performance you’re accustomed to, it unpredictably gains and loses power. It’s as if your engine is gasping for breath. … Read more

Honda GCV160 Only runs on Choke

If your Honda GCV160 is only running with the choke turned on, it is because the carburetor isn’t getting the right amount of fuel for the air, in other words, the engine is running lean, so turning the choke on is limiting the air that goes into the engine. There are 2 major reasons why … Read more

How to Fix a Honda GCV160 With No Spark

GCV160 engine not starting after multiple pulls? There are multiple reasons why that could be causing the issue and a ‘no spark’ condition is one of them, which essentially just means that the engine is not producing any spark to ignite the Air-Fuel Mix. So, first, make sure that it is a spark issue before … Read more

Homelite trimmer Carburetor Adjustment Guide

Factory adjustment of carburetors of trimmers can be a cause behind many problems. This is because the tuning done in the factory is not always accurate.  But what exactly are we adjusting? The carburetor has certain screws which control the fuel mixture ratio. Proper adjustment of the carburetor, i.e., the correct tuning of these screws … Read more