Honda GCV 160 Spark Plug Guide

Amongst the various vital elements that power the robust Honda GCV160 engine, the spark plug carries significant importance.

This device is a critical component that ignites the fuel-air mixture within the combustion chamber, transforming it into mechanical energy with the help of the piston, rod, and crankshaft!

Here’s a detailed examination of the appropriate spark plug type for the Honda GCV160, along with valuable tips on the best spark plug alternatives, the correct gap setting, and how to efficiently change your spark plug.

Spark Plug Type/ Best Replacement Spark Plug

Your Honda GCV160 demands a specific kind of spark plug to function at its optimal best.

The ideal spark plug should be compatible with the correct heat range for normal engine operating temperatures. It also needs to be adequately gapped and free of deposits.

For the Pressure Washer – BPR6ES (NGK) is recommended
For Other Appliances – BPR5ES (NGK) is the recommended
Spark Plug Type

The market presents a plethora of spark plug manufacturers, but only a few meet the stringent criteria required for the Honda GCV160. I suggest you stick with the NGK brands, they are tried and tested and are not too expensive either.

For Pressure Washers

Recommended for The Pressure Washers

  • Renowned Brand
  • Manual Recommended
  • Comes with Appropriate Gap (Double Check Just in case)

For Lawn Mowers or Other Appliances

  • Genuine NGK Spark Plug
  • Renowned Brand
  • Long Lasting
  • Manual Recommended

Spark Plug Gap for GCV160

For your Honda GCV160 engine, the ideal spark plug gap is recommended at 0.70 ~ 0.80 mm (0.027” – 0.031”). This gap refers to the distance between the ground and the center electrode, where the spark jumps to initiate the combustion process.

Although minor variations in this gap might not prevent the engine from running, it’s always recommended to stick to the precise specifications for the best performance and engine health.

A gap that’s too narrow may produce a weaker spark, leading to inefficient combustion. Conversely, a gap that’s too wide can produce an overly strong spark, risking potential engine damage.

Step-by-Step Guide to Changing the Spark Plug

Replacing the spark plug on your Honda GCV160 engine is an uncomplicated process, the spark plug is located just above the cylinder head in GCV160, once you’ve located the spark plug follow these simple steps:

  1. Disconnect the cap/boot from the spark plug and remove any dirt accumulated around the spark plug area.
  2. Use a suitable spark plug wrench to gently remove the spark plug.
  3. Check the removed spark plug for any damage or wear. Replace it if needed.
  4. Measure the electrode gap in the new spark plug using a suitable instrument and adjust if needed.
  5. Install the new spark plug manually.
  6. Once the spark plug is seated, tighten it with the spark plug wrench to compress the washer.
  7. Finally, attach the spark plug cap back onto the spark plug.

Important Note: If you’re installing a new spark plug, tighten it by half turn after seating it, and 1/4 turn if you’re reinstalling the original spark plug.

It’s important that you maintain the correct torque while installation, Over-tightening can damage the cylinder head threads, while a loose spark plug may cause overheating.


Here are some answers to frequent questions about the Honda GCV160’s spark plug:

Where is the Spark Plug Located?

You can find it just above the cylinder head, you can locate the Spark Plug Cap/Ignition coil boot. Once you take off the cap, you can access the spark Plug.

How often should I inspect the spark plug?

The spark plug should be inspected every 100 hours of use or every year (according to the manual), but it isn’t necessarily catastrophic if you miss an inspection every 100 hours of use. But do try to check it once every time you need to clean the carbs.

Is checking the spark plug gap necessary?

Yes, if you’re getting a new Spark Plug, it is a must to check the Gap! Even though spark plug manufacturers maintain a consistent gap, there may still be slight variations. Always ensure the gap is within the specified range (0.027” – 0.031”) before installation.

How often Should you change the Spark Plug?

According to the Owner’s manual every 200 hours of use. Replacing it once in a while might just give a new spark to your machine 😉

However, most people will use it until they need to replace it (and they do last a long time, it is more likely that your ignition coil goes out before the plug). Still, I recommend cleaning it from time to time

In conclusion, understanding your Honda GCV160 spark plug is critical for ensuring the smooth operation and longevity of your engine. Always follow the guidelines provided in the owner’s manual, and your engine will reward you with consistent, high-quality performance.

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