How To Fix My Predator 3500 Generator Display Screen That Isn’t Working?

The ‘predator 3500’ display screen is often given utmost importance because it shows technical information that cannot be manually measured with ease. Since the predator 3500 generator’s display screen often seems to malfunction, we have provided the necessary solutions.

Here’s a quick summary – If your ‘Predator 3500’ warranty is still valid, you can take it to your local Harbor freight store to get the display screen fixed or replaced. If your warranty has finished, we recommend you build and attach a meter to your generator as an alternative.

To learn more about the importance of the ‘Predator 3500’ generator display screen and how to address its malfunctions- continue reading!

What Does the Display Screen of the Predator 3500 Generator Show?

The display screen of a ‘Predator 3500’ keeps track of the functional status of the ‘Predator 3500’ generator. 

The display screen is an essential element of the generator as it can inform you when the generator is not in perfect working condition.

A breakdown of the ‘Predator 3500’ display screen’s symbols is as follows:

  • Hourglass symbol = Normal
  • U> = AC Overvoltage
  • U< = AC Undervoltage
  • I > = Generator Output Overcurrent
  • Lightening bolt symbol = Generator Output Short Circuit
  • Thermometer symbol = Inverter Overheating
  • Warning triangle symbol = Maintenance Time

Moreover, you can make use of the ‘Display Control Button’ to maneuver your way through the following options:

  • A = Amperage 
  • V = Voltage
  • VA = Volt amps/ Watts
  • Hour = Accumulative run time and current run time

Does the Predator 3500 Generator Still Work if the Display Screen Is Broken?

The ‘Predator 3500’ can still function perfectly without a display screen as long as the green light of the generator is glowing and the generator is supporting the load of your various devices.

The only problem that would arise is that you would struggle to identify specific functioning characteristics of the generator.

Four Ways To Fix the Display Screen of Your Predator 3500 Generator

When it comes to a broken display screen, you only have a few options to remedy the situation. 

  1. Remove the panel of your display screen and observe the wiring; if any wires seem to have come loose, attempt to refasten and secure them in position.
  2. If your Predator 3500 generator has a warranty, take it to your local HF store for fixing or replacement.
  3. If your Predator 3500 generator is out of warranty, try replacing the display screen manually. If display part It might be as simple as a component replacement.
  4. The longest-lasting solution is to build a DIY meter system that performs all the functions of a ‘Predator 3500’ display screen, including monitoring the watts, Kilowatt-hours, amps, and more of your generator. To learn how to build an all-rounder meter- watch this video below by Johnny’s Weekend Youtube Channel –


Since your generator will operate normally despite a broken display screen- it is nothing to worry about in the short run. 

However, we recommend you get the display screen fixed or replaced or have an alternative meter built to avoid any mishaps in the future.

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