Can you parallel Predator 3500 and 2000

Since you’re here, I’m guessing your needs are not being satisfied by a single generator, for example, in RVs equipped with multiple high-energy-demand appliances, such as dual air conditioning units and Microwave, the power draw can sometimes exceed what a single Predator 3500 generator can provide.

To answer your question shortly and simply, yes it is possible to parallel the Predator 3500 with the Predator 2000, and in theory, you can get 4000-4600W in running condition before you get overloaded in each or one of the generators.

But it isn’t the best idea to run generators of vastly different sizes together! Why? The main concern is that the generators might not share the power load evenly. This means one generator might be working harder than it should, risking damage.

So for example when you turn on 2 x 15k BTU ACs which draws roughly 25 amp, you would expect the 3500 Predator to cover 16 amps and the 2000 Watt Predator to cover the rest, but it’s not always shared in the most equivalent ways. This means one generator might be working harder than it should, risking damage.

While many modern generators can technically run in parallel, it’s essential to use the correct connectors and monitor them closely. If something sounds or seems wrong, it’s better to stop the operation to prevent any damage.

How is the Load Shared

With both being different sizes of Generators, you will observe different loads shared between them, with the 3500/3000W Generator producing more power.

The key to parallel generators is synchronization, the inverter generators don’t have the problem of synchronization like the old fashioned Generators.

Here’s a good video demonstrating the different loads shared between paralleled Honda generators of different sizes.

Best Parallel Kits

There are a few options in the market for a parallel box, if you’re skilled enough you can also save some money by making your own. These are a few options you may consider


  • 2 Outlets
  • 30 A & 50 A
  • Can Handle Upto 6000 W Power

Champion 50-Amp Parallel Kit

  • 2 Outlets, 30/50 A
  • Cord Storage for wires
  • Can handle Upto 5600W

Both are good options to consider, and they are safer than open-wire parallel kits such as this. They will work even with 2 Predator 3500, since they have a 50A outlet, it is more than enough for any two small inverter generators.

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