Tuff Torq k90 vs k92

You may find yourself asking the question, “what is the difference between K90 and K92 transmissions,” if you own a K700 series John Deere lawn tractor that needs a transmission replacement. Or maybe you are just curious.

Either way, I’ll try to answer that question.

So how K90 is different from K92?

The short answer is, they are not very different from one another.

K90 series transmission is used on the newest John Deere K700 series of tractors, whereas K92, as well as K91, were used in previous iterations of the K700 series of John Deer tractors.

Tuff Torq themselves claim that the differences are minute. The transmission body shape and size are the same. Even the vast majority of components within are the same.

The only notable difference is in the oil pressure inside due to discrepancies in center cases.

Can the spare parts be swapped between these transmissions?

in the vast majority of cases, yes. 

If we’re talking about the differential, reduction gear-set, drive axles, the brake disk with its shoes, seals, a pulley or fan: definitely yes.

Anything that is the center case (hydrostatic part) related, is not a good idea.

Can these transmissions be swapped?

Since their bodies are identical along with a good portion of transmission insides, you can try it out.

But since the hydrostatic part works with different oil pressure, you may find that the gearing has changed a bit (the top speed and of the line torque balance). 

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