About Us

We aim to help you fix your Machines. Whether it be a lawn mower or Generator or your washing Machines and much more! But who are “We”?

Glad you asked…

We are a team consisting mostly of Mechanical Engineers situated in different parts of the world with a passion for writing (Note- not all of our writers are mechanical engineers but they do not lack the knowledge of the workings of the machines they are writing on).

Our focus is to always provide you with the most useful content on the internet. All the information on our website is fact-checked by subject matter experts.


We have 2 types of monetization programs (Currently)

  1. Advertising,
  2. Affiliate

We link to Amazon.com to help our readers find the products that we recommend. Any sale made using these links earns us a small commission (without any additional cost to the user).

We also earn through brands displaying their ads on our site.